Newark College of Engineering

Program in Engineering Science

The Engineering Science Program is designed for students who desire a rigorous, broad-based course of study in preparation for a professional career in engineering. The Program offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Science with concentrations in various aspects of engineering. Students have the opportunity to select a concentration in an area of specialization within engineering.

Engineering Science students most often concentrate their studies in biomedical engineering, a program which allows students to either enter the biomedical engineering industry or to continue with their academic studies with a Masters Degree in biomedical engineering. Other interdisciplinary concentrations in engineering may be formulated in consultation with the Program Director.

BS-MD, BS-Dentistry, and BS-DO Accelerated Programs

The Engineering Science Program offers an accelerated seven-year program in pre-medicine, pre-dentistry and pre-optometry. In the accelerated seven-year program students study for three years at NJIT, followed by the traditional four years at the professional schools.

Students are awarded a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science upon the successful completion of their first year of professional studies at the New Jersey Medical School (University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey), New York University College of Dentistry or the New York School of Optometry, depending upon the professional degree pursued. The pre-medicine program is open only to high school seniors, whereas the pre-dental and pre-optometry programs are open to both high school seniors and NJIT freshmen.

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