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On behalf of our faculty, staff, and students, welcome to the Newark College of Engineering - also known by our acronym, NCE.

The Newark College of Engineering is proud of its distinguished legacy. Founded in 1919, NCE was one of the first professional engineering colleges in the United States. Now, it’s one of the largest – and one of the best. NCE is committed to the pursuit of excellence in educating the next generation of engineers. Our graduates have the potential to transform society through creative and innovative applications of technology to improve our quality of life.

As the emergence of new technologies revolutionizes the practice of engineering, NCE graduates are prepared to face the challenges of the future head-on. Research is an integral component of both graduate and undergraduate education here at NCE, and when our students graduate, they come away with invaluable hands-on lab experience.  Our students have the opportunity to work side-by-side with faculty on a broad range of cutting-edge projects at the forefront of emerging disciplines, including critical research on stem cells and and on environmental and energy technology. Students are invited to participate in these projects and many others, from investigating the properties of nanoparticles, to designing the next generation of wireless infrastructure, to developing new optical imaging techniques for diagnosing cancer.

The metropolitan region surrounding NJIT has become an epicenter of cutting-edge engineering research and high-tech innovation. Today, New Jersey is home to the highest concentration of engineers per capita in the United States. NCE is the catalyst for much of our region’s creative energy – more than a quarter of the engineers practicing in New Jersey today are NCE graduates. The prominence of the NCE alumni network in a range of engineering industries throughout the New York-New Jersey metropolitan region is a valuable asset for our students when it comes time for them to look for internships, co-op opportunities, and jobs after graduation.

At NCE, we’re proud not only of how many engineers we educate, but also of who our students are. NCE has a long tradition of educating students who are the first in their families to attend college. A majority of NCE students receive generous financial aid packages, and many work part- or full-time in order to afford a college education. Our degree programs are designed to be flexible enough to meet the diverse needs of all of our students. Students at NCE tend to be exceptionally motivated, mature, and diligent – qualities which help them successfully tackle the challenges of completing an engineering degree and finding a rewarding job after graduation.

When our students graduate, they find that the education they’ve received here serves as great preparation for a broad spectrum of creative and well-paying careers. Our graduates – even some of our most recent graduates – work as top managers and leaders at many of the engineering, pharmaceutical, financial, healthcare and bio-tech companies that carpet the New York-New Jersey metropolitan region. And many of our alumni enjoy giving back to NCE, knowing that their contributions will help support students who are working as hard as they did to make the most of their education.

Our alumni have distinguished themselves in many fields, both in engineering and in other industries, and we believe that our current students will achieve even more. I invite prospective students to explore our website and visit our campus, and I encourage our alumni to keep in touch with NCE and with me. Finally, I thank our alumni and supporters for helping NCE carry out its mission – to provide the next generation of engineers with the tools and the vision to transform our society through the creative application of technology.

Basil Baltzis, Ph. D.
Interim Dean, NCE