Newark College of Engineering

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Electrical engineering forms the foundation of computing and information technologies through the development of Very Large Scale Integrated circuits (VLSI Chips) that are used in computers, cellular phones, industrial control systems, automobiles, satellite entertainment and communication systems, health-care and many other applications. Electrical engineering concepts are also used in power generation and management, control systems, robotics, signal processing and telecommunications.

Computer engineering encompasses the key technologies for computer and wireless communication systems, medical imaging and information systems, intelligent systems, microprocessor systems, real-time embedded control systems, computer networking and security systems and Internet engineering.

NJIT’s programs offer a unique combination of courses to develop understanding and expertise in high impact technology areas of 21st Century. The educational and research programs have been evolved through interaction and growing partnership with the leading industries in electrical and computer engineering technologies including AT&T, Lucent Technologies-Bell Laboratories, IBM, Sarnoff, Sun Microsystems, PS&G, Globix, and Mitre Corp.

The undergraduate programs are carefully crafted to provide students a rich blend of state-of-the-art education and real-world experience through a productive curriculum and enjoyable learning environment. Special features include:  interactive study groups; co-op and internship programs for real-world experience; university-industry collaborative mentoring and advising on senior design project; and the ECE Experience Residence Hall Program.

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